Selasa, 03 September 2013

17 Facts About Me

Sebenarnya aku pernah menulis hal semacam ini sebelumnya. Tapi tentu saja sudah lama sekali. Dan tentu saja, seiring berjalannya waktu, manusia berubah. Meski tidak banyak yang berubah, tapi pasti ada yang berubah. Tetep kekeuh pokokmen kalau manusia selalu mengalami perubahan sekecil apapun itu. So, ini merupakan 17 facts about me yang sebenernya ikut-ikutan status FBnya Benevolentia, murid lesku. Anyway, I'll try to write it down in English. Ceritanya nggaya gitu. :))

1. Quiet. I just become so noisy or hectic in several moments, several environments, or several people.
2. I love pay attention to details, especially about people I met.
3. I do love watching movie. I can spend all day long with just at home and watching movies continuously. Non stop. (Of course not that extreme. I'm just kidding)
4. I hate be outside when hot or sunny day. Because it always makes me headache.
5. I hate mosquito. I mean it. Why is there any being like mosquito?!?!
6. I love drawing. When I draw, times just seems like stop. Drawing is the only thing that could make me feel like flying. I could just forget anything while I draw. I feel like I'm leaving this world with all the chaos in it. There is no any bad feeling when I draw. Just happiness. That's kind of wonderful feeling and experience from drawing.
7. I like old men. They just looked so mature, charismatic, experienced, smart, and lovely.
8. I'm maudlin once tough.
9. Easily fall in love. But absolutely loyal and trustworthy.
10. Sleepy head.
11. I like learning everything. I just want to be able handle anything by myself.
12. I'm patient, peaceable. I don't like shout at people when I'm angry, or speak out loud.
13. I like spending time with lovely friends, family, and a person I love.
14. I try harder to get what I want.
15 I love music. I like playing some music instruments. I like to go to so some music concert. I like listening to the music. I like watching someone or some people playing music. Or anything about music.
16. Like most women. I like shopping, delicious food, and enjoying time in Salon.
17. Of course, I'm a reliable person. Ehehehe.

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